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my brain is full of wires

my brain is full of wires
some real some fake all tangled and intertwined
she doesn’t understand how to accept peace
and makes chaos out of even the most tranquil of input
even the simplest of asks becomes monumental
as she takes the time to practice knots, just in case
all her wires become braided into truth
and accepted as fact
this is how she finds composure.
to help her out, I’ve had to simplify
“reduce reuse recycle” is about restoring the peace to my mental environment
reduce decisions she has to make
reuse the excuses for being a flake
re-cycle through period of ups and downs
I try to create calm outside my head
I color code and label all external wires
keep them organized and tucked away
so that she knows she’s safe
so that she can start to untangle hers on her own
she doesn’t always believe me though–
she conflates serenity with cacophony
because calm is a phony and can’t be trusted
so I ask you to please be patient with us
we’re learning, we’re growing, we’re trying and when our wires become uncrossed and our Ts undotted
I promise we’ll be back