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Welcome to 2021: Where the days are made up and the weeks don’t matter

i made a 6 day spread starting on wednesday bc i have realised that None Of It Matters– what functional use do i have for being able to see all 7 days at once? in this economy? no way. i always way prefer having space for stickers and white space and the ability to include everything i DO need rather than trying to cram 7 days, or stretch 5 days.

it reminded me that any DIY planning style is always going to be super individual and even then constantly ready to change to fit my life as it ebbs and flows. i think i find it really neat to be able to do something just for me and no one else simply because i like it or find it helpful. i’m grateful for that autonomy.

anyway i got these cute fun stickers at Michael’s the other day! my sweet pals got me a gift card for my birthday and i thought i lost it (oops) but when i found it i drove straight to Michael’s so i wouldn’t have a chance to lose it again ! this pack of stickers had many astrology themes and is purple and gold based so i LOVE it! i also got a floral pack, to no one’s surprise.

what new types of bullet journalling have you done since The Quar started?

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