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poetry: the act of feeling

i always wondered
why i got the words for
feelings (الشعور)
poetry (الشعر)

they were always so jumbled in my head
I could never get them straight

then I learned that
feelings (الشعور)
poetry (الشعر)
are one. they stem from the same root
they belong to one other

from the root for
“to learn or understand intuitively”
“to notice or realise”
“to perceive, feel, sense”
“to be conscious or aware”
“to notify or inform”
“to be conscious”
“to be filled with feeling”

sometimes i think that
some languages are smarter than others
in their intertwined meanings
and linked words

poetry is the act of feeling
and / و
and act of feeling is poetry

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there is no comfort in inevitability
it doesn’t make it any easier

shock is shock is shock

there are expectations then there is hope
hope is a light that drives out all thoughts of what could happen and
shines brightly on what we want to happen
whereas expectations are the balloon getting bigger and bigger
dangerously close to the pin

shock is shock is shock

spend your entire life preparing
doesn’t matter
you won’t be ready

feelings will overcome you
beyond anything you thought possible
so it doesn’t matter whether you were on the edge of your seat or not

pain is pain is pain

i want to be everything for everyone
i can’t even be me for myself
do you see the problem here?
regardless, i’ll be here

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please don’t try to convince me

everyone and everything i encounter lives under the mask of your projection. i’m convinced nothing will fill the space.

you’re truly one of a kind: it’s just a fact of human existence. i’m convinced that’s not a bad thing.

and maybe i’ve written “i hate you” 100 times and maybe i’ve erased “i hate you” 99 of those times but even that 1 remaining means nothing compared to my constant, actual, tangible outpourings of love. i’m convinced nothing will distract my feelings.