Quick Story: Late Night Snack

So we’re on a red-eye bus to New York. It’s 4 AM we’ve been on the road for 3 hours, everyone’s asleep at this point. I’m.. a college kid so I’ve learned to survive on 30 minutes a week so I’m just sitting on the bus THRIVING.

Anyway my sister decides to stir in her sleep and I’m like “OK the ride is getting a lil bumpy now anyway, I feel her,” so I’m not paying attention. But out of nowhere she decides that 4 in the morning on a d e a d s i l e n t bus is the perfect time to go fishing for dreg fries at the bottom of her McDonald’s bag.

So it’s straight up like, CRINKLE CRINKLE CRINKLE CRINKLE for like an entire minute and a half. And we’re in the middle of the bus so we’re battling perfect acoustics and equal reach to every single individual, it was awful.

And my sister straight up didn’t see what was wrong!! I’m glaring at her (mainly for my sake… I needed the people around us to know I had nothing to do with this) but to no avail. CRINKLE CRINKLE CRINKLE.

The one saving grace was that she couldn’t find any more fries so she gave up her quest and the bus ride remained peaceful for the final 45 minutes.

Until we rear-ended a cop, but that’s another story.