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Women’s March Thoughts

On Saturday January 21st, I had the opportunity and privilege to attend the Women’s March on Washington in D.C. It was, for the most part, an amazing experience and a supportive community to be in during such a stressful time in America. There were two parts, the rally followed by the march. During the rally there were a host of speakers from various backgrounds who all brought light to their own view on the politics of feminism and how it’s all tied into  Feminism with a capital F. There was a lot of intersectionality which warmed my lil female queer Black heart.

I’ve done some reflecting since then and I’m realising now that if there’s anything I got out of the Women’s March, it’s that I have to do more in term of actual activism and if not, I have to support activists, their groups, and organisations. I already try to bring my feminism into everything I do and also call people out/in people where appropriate, but in this day and age, it doesn’t feel like enough anymore. I’ve gone to marches and demonstrations before but beyond sending a singular email or making one or two phone calls, I haven’t kept up that momentum at all. I haven’t taken further concrete action afterwards, and while valiant, that’s the problem. I am the problem.

We don’t achieve anything without working for it and without being consistent about it. I just need to remind myself to do more and to do more often.