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January Challenge: Day 6

This month, I committed to cutting out sugar, alcohol, spending money, and checking my weight. Here’s an update on my first week!


Sugar is fine… I haven’t had TOO many opportunities to succumb. Though a difference I’ve inadvertently made has been eating BREAKFAST though which is new. They’ve been pretty high fat (except for Friday) including eggs or beans or avocados, so I haven’t even been that hungry at lunch time. This has definitely helped me avoid the mindless grazing. Friday my breakfast was just mango slices and the tiny slice of avocado I had left so I was pretty famished before lunch. Thankfully there were no sweet treats in sight so I overcame, ha.


It’s been SO hard to not check my weight! It’s all i want to do. I cannot believe i have another 27 days of this. I might give myself a freebie check next week on Friday. I know weight loss is a long game so 6 days of change won’t be iconic–just water weight if anything. I really need to hold out and see some notable progress on Feb 1st that way I’ll be extra motivated to keep going? I think were I to look next month and be around my goal for the month, I would be so elated that I’ll continue my breakfast + no sugar/alcohol habits with enhanced vigor.


Not spending hasn’t been particularly challenging–partially because all of my Dec 31st purchase are slowly coming in. Though I’m realizing I do need to get my bills/finances in order. I want to create a monthly shopping list so I can limit my major spending and be able to keep more of a handle on it. And that way, it’ll be purchases that I *know* I want, and not just things I’ve bought on a whim.


(I had to round out the alliteration, ok!) I’ve kinda been staying in. Not significantly more than usual but a little. I’ve told one person I can’t hang out due to alcohol but that was specifically because we were planning to go get drinks. It’s been kind of isolating…kind of. Hanging out typically seems to be based all around (spending) money (on) alcohol or sweets. I’m going to have to get creative this month!

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Monthly Challenge: January Edition

Each month, I’m going to be committing to a new 30 day challenge. That’s roughly the amount of time it takes to settle into a habit. For this month, I may have gotten a little overzealous in my goals–but nevertheless committed! In January, I’m going to be saying “no” to alcohol, sugar, spending money, and checking my weight. For some background, parameters, and “the why” of it all, keep reading.

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