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A Work of Art

beyond the brushstrokes
that everyone lauds

and the shading
that garners applause

exists the artist who
has always felt lost


producing ever an
award-winning portrait

and striving for a
chorus of “gorgeous”

the bond between Art
and Purpose: distorted


she just wants others
to know her name

she uses dark colors
to hide her shame

is it fair that prominence
is her endgame?


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This is a series I’m calling “Write the Damn Poem” where a take a list of prompts and make a poem. They’re all first drafts that maybe will turn into something more! We’ll see!

This one was based on a theme called, “tradition” and my two friends and I made art together (virtually) of course. I ended up writing this as a song in the 30 minutes of allotted time and I’m amazed that I was able to do so much! Definitely makes me want to pan more art making parties with my pals 🙂

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