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please don’t try to convince me

everyone and everything i encounter lives under the mask of your projection. i’m convinced nothing will fill the space.

you’re truly one of a kind: it’s just a fact of human existence. i’m convinced that’s not a bad thing.

and maybe i’ve written “i hate you” 100 times and maybe i’ve erased “i hate you” 99 of those times but even that 1 remaining means nothing compared to my constant, actual, tangible outpourings of love. i’m convinced nothing will distract my feelings.

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This is a series I’m calling “Write the Damn Poem” where I finally write and publish poetry. This is an oldie, written back in 2016, but edited recently. This one is particularly interesting because I had a lot of emotion attached to this situation. Reading back, I feel extremely proud of my own growth and the distance I’ve been able to put between me now and me when I first started this piece.

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I just want to sit with you
I like being around you and
I like seeing your teeth

They remind me of jokes

They remind me that I am happy

I want your hand and my hand together
I want to walk with you to class
I want to study with you
And study you

I think that you are really nice
That was dumb, I’m sorry

I don’t want you to think I’m dumb
I just want you to think I like you a lot