The Friendship Project

Toby, the most thoughtful human being Ive ever had the honor of meeting.
Greta, part nerd, part goofball, all precious.
Marie, BOC extraordinaire and most passionate person I’ve had the honor of becoming friends with. I’m glad we’re fighting past our Aries/Virgo trouble spots.
Chelsea, the sweetest most hardest working person I know. No matter what she may be going through, she would be the first person to drop everything and help you out. Her heart is bigger than she is.
Bridget, such a lovely and bubbly human. Also: pro-hugger.
Smam, the girl who indirectly taught me about what it means to be posi AF despite what happens around you. Strong-willed, vocal, resilient.
I hate this picture so much so it says a lot that I decided to put it here. These two are constant rays of sunshine and have been nothing but assets to my life. Audrey, super level-headed and super enthusiastic. Olivia, the girl who is constantly filled with light and Shrek jokes.
Heather, the sweetest individual I know. Please ignore her caption, Im not an inspiration in the slightest, she is an inspiration to me. She is a happy, talented, smart, artistic/poetic soul.
Kayla, even though she is from Washington, I still manage to tolerate her. Our Starbucks and Glazed dates meant the world to me in a way that I could never be able to explain. She is one of those friends I didnt have to see every day but whenever we hung out we just picked right back up where we left off. She is dedicated and sweet.
Casey: idiot. but hardworking and enthusiastic. Puts her heart into everything.
The Buddha 


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