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(Belated) Tunesday: I wrote a song!

I sold my camera last summer and the narrative is incredibly present on my YouTube channel (see: 8 month break + suddenly abysmal video quality).

I’m participating in the RPM Challenge and I made a goal of recording 5 songs this month! Here’s one that I started a little over a year ago and plan on finishing up by the end of February:

It’s called “Outta My Head” and it’s about the wild anxiety you feel around a crush and not knowing what to do– especially when gender norms and expectations are out the window. It’s exhilirating and freeing but for a persistent overthinking like myself, I tend to find myself hyperanalyzing every single situation. This song is both an example of that as well as a manifestation of that.

I’m still looking for feedback on both lyrics and structure– drop a line if you have any ideas!!