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January Challenge: Day 21

[This month, as part of my New Year’s Resolution, I committed to cutting out sugar, alcohol, spending money, and checking my weight.]

I’m absolutely geeked that it’s already been 3 full weeks….. Almost time to start thinking about next month!!

Sugar n Sweets

Woo, baby! I’ve had my fair share of cravings this past week. I’ve noticed that the longer I’m going without sugar, the more frequently I’m dreaming of cake (caaaaake….). I’m hoping in this last week I experience fewer instances of that.

I’ve been staving these off by going for high-fat, savory eats instead, which has helped a lot. Last week, I wrote about having ordered a coffee— I’m on my way to go do that again! Not because I’m really ever in the mood for coffee but primarily because coffee shops are about the cheapest places I know to go in order to “get out of the house,” y’know? Today I’ll be trying to order a latte made with cream and no sugar. As a caffeine n00b, I still get super anxious pretending I know how to order them. I’ll post any notable updates.

One failure: [I’m not counting this, to be honest!] The BOCs, Makaela, and I went out for brunch this weekend at Cafe Luna and I ordered the “Kitchen Sink.” If you check out their menu, you’ll notice this includes a Belgian waffle. It was topped with sausages and eggs and jalapeño sauce so I don’t even think that counts as being particularly sweet treat, yknow? What do you think? Have I forsaken the anti-sugar gods?

Going into this last week: I think I’m going to keep this up– at least during the two weeks until my trip next month. I’m definitely more conscious of my choices (and the fact that sugar is in EVERYTHING) but I don’t think I’m perfect at it yet. Maybe this final week will get me over the hump? In which case, I’ll still want those next two weeks to really seal the deal.


I’m truly a slave to the scale. I’ve gone exactly 11 days without checking my weight and all 21 days without checking my weight accurately so I NEED MY FIX!!

One failure: You’ll know from last week that I moved my scale into the closet. I brought it out yesterday because I really needed to know!! Thankfully for my complete lack of willpower: the batteries died!

Going into this last week: I don’t really have a say because I don’t have a functioning scale–nor do I know where to find one I can just hop on. I’m just going to keep on chugging along. Just know that the second it turns Jan 31, I’m running out to the nearest store and getting batteries and weighing myself and finally putting my mind at ease (or, in overdrive, depending on what it says).


I’ve given up on trying to not spend money. Well, not given up given up. But I’m still, like, going out and being social and all of that. I’m just not buying anything that isn’t an experience, if that makes sense. As I talked about last week, I have a running list of things on my wish list. And that list includes a lot of items that I’m intentionally not buying right now because it’s not life-or-death. While getting fries with friends isn’t life-or-death either, I know social interaction is really important to me and my mental health.

Going into this last week: I’m not going to deprive myself of experiences that make me happy but I’m still going to avoiding buying things that’ll end up piling up. I’m also going to check out my wishlist and see what I absolutely will be buying soon and what I can put off for another month.


Of all of them, this has been easy, breezy, beautiful. Much like sugar, I think I’ll be continuing this until my trip. I don’t think I feel particularly different because as I mentioned, I don’t drink a lot. I have been able to avoid ~cracking open a cold one~ just because I’m feeling low, which I think has its own benefits. But overall, I’m coolin’ :~)