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January Challenge: Day 14

[This month, as part of my New Year’s Resolution, I committed to cutting out sugar, alcohol, spending money, and checking my weight.]

We’re almost halfway there, ladies!!!!!!


I’m noticing more and more instances of me craving sugar. This really only ever happens when there are sweets in my line of sight. I’ve gotten pretty close but I haven’t ever caved, which I’m proud of. For example, on Saturday I was in Northampton and walked INTO Glazed (the donut shop that revolutionized my college experience) and somehow didn’t buy a donut! Who have I become?! Also, I ordered a coffee today (which was wild, I might write about that soon) and there was no sugar in it and it was just .. not good. But I don’t like coffee to begin with so I don’t think that was a sugar-specific thing.


Well I checked my weight on Saturday. In my defense, it was at the end of the day, I was fully clothed, and it was in my friend’s bathroom. Meaning that all of the things I do to keep my weigh-ins consistent were not present. In my head, this weight check doesn’t count just because of how inaccurate it was.

Something I did at home was to move my scale into the bathroom closet. I honestly think this has made a world of difference. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before. This made it more of a “challenge” to weigh myself because I couldn’t just absentmindedly hop on it, like I might when it was in its original location.


So Saturday…. (are y’all noticing a pattern here?) I went to Lucky’s and bought two septum rings and I bought dinner at Pita Pockets and I spent money at Glazed… I really needed to make the most of my short time back in NoHo, I guess. Also, this morning I was feeling super fatigued and I Ubered to work. It’s been so long that I took an Uber that I was honestly shocked by the price. Remember when I was Ubering to work upwards of 3 times per week? Yikes!! Wholly unsustainable!! But basically I’ve been way looser on the whole no-spend thing than I’ve wanted to be. If my intention is to actually save money and to collect fewer “materials,” then it’s absolutely time to tighten the reins.

I’ve begun creating a running list of things I want to buy once this spending freeze is over. I’m pretty excited but it’s also somewhat helping me put things into perspective between what I want and what I actually need.


I went to a wine-and-cheese party on Saturday and didn’t drink any wine?! I was shocked, too! But it was definitely helpful because it meant that I could drive home that night: Responsibility! Only two people commented on it, but it was in a banter-y way so it was absolutely fine. I’m a little bummed that I won’t be able to get obliterated on Wednesday when the term ends. 😦 But it’ll be okay, I presume…..