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2019 Resolutions

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I’m 100% a believer in new beginnings. Even though Jan 1st isn’t an actual, literal restart, I find so much joy and hope in treating it as such. I’ve been working through some resolutions for next year.

I’m such a creature of habit! But by listening to the same artists and songs over and over again, I’ve been denying myself the opportunity to hear beautiful stylings of individuals such as Ruth B. and Joy Oladokun. I want to spend more of 2019 taking chances on my Spotify shuffle button.

I’m envisioning that 2019 will be the year I work on my comedy. I have a list of comedians I want to spend more time listening to. I also have finally compiled a good amount of jokes that I could definitely work into a terrible tight 5, but a tight 5 nonetheless. I’ll sign up for an open mic this summer, preferably outside of the city so when I inevitably bomb, no one can track me! :p

I’ve been doing a terrible job of listening to my body! I want to make efforts to prioritize myself this year. Resting when I need to, getting things done when appropriate, etc. Ya girl isn’t getting any younger ~

Step One is reviving the blog, right? On top of writing jokes, I’m also planning on writing songs (or at least fleshing a few of them out), and doing more creative writing. I remember LOVING writing but now I can barely get myself to do any! I’m going to be taking a creative writing class at Emerson in the Spring which will at least light a bit of a fire under me.

I love languages, as everyone knows. I’m def a little bit of a jack of all trades, master of none in that department. For Spanish and Arabic, I’ve plateaued a bit in my reading and writing but need more confidence and practice speaking spontaneously in order actually get better. I’ve camped out in my comfort zone for far too long! I’m applying for a grant to travel to the Middle East this summer for the sole purpose of improving my language abilities.

You’ll notice I included some tentative action steps in most of the sections above. I hope to come back to this as 2019 progresses and comment on my progress. New year means time to refresh and think about myself in the future.